Resource Documents

Documents for you to download, share, and use to inform

The Iowa Chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association is committed to sharing easy to understand documents in hopes that you will circulate them through your church newsletters, discussion groups and by forwarding them to people in your sphere of influence. All of the documents below are designed to help all people in Iowa stay up-to-date on what's happening in Methodism.

Local Church Resources

Disaffiliation Agreement - Revised agreement template pursuant to ¶2553 between local church and Iowa Annual Conference

Unfunded Pension Liabilities - Information to truly discover the numbers of Iowa's pension situation

Know & Be Known - Activity to help congregations build community

UMC Terms & Definitions - Help your whole church understand the important words for conversation

Timeline of Important Events - Highlights of how we got where we are today

The Presenting Issue - History of the human sexuality debate

Global Methodist Church Resources

Global Methodist Church - Top 10 Reasons to Join - March 2022

Global Methodist Church - Mission, Vision - March 2022

Comparison Chart - UMC, GMC, WCA - Sept 2021

General Conference Resources

General Conference Update - Updates for Pastors & Churches - March 2022