Writings for you to download, share, and use to inform

Weekly, the Iowa Chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association will drop brief articles that have been written in hopes that you will circulate them through your church newsletters, discussion groups and by forwarding them to people in your sphere of influence.

1 - Runways are Built to Use - Rev. Mike Morgan (Marion Methodist)

2 - Better Together - Rev. Tim Frasher

3 - Hold On - Rev. Joy Mitchell (Walcott, Calvary)

4 - Here's What Won't Change - Stephen Garrington (Lay Member, Christ Church Davenport)

5 - Empowering Women in GMC - Becky Heeren, Lay Member

6 - True Christian Community - Rev. Tom Shinkle (Grand View UMC, Dubuque)

7 - Young Adults and Holy Sexuality - Rev. Mike Morgan

8 - Don't Do What Moses Did - Norma Morrison (Lay Leader, Wesley Muscatine)

9 - God's Righteous Right Hand - Rev. Dr. Christina Sung

10 - What Might Become of Us? - Rev. Mike Morgan

11 - Disaffiliation vs Separation - Tom Anderson

12 - This is About More Than Sex - Rev. Mike Morgan

A Faithful Response to "Leading Now and Into the Future - Our Vision"