Documents for you to download, share, and use to inform

The Iowa Chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association is committed to sharing easy to understand documents in hopes that you will circulate them through your church newsletters, discussion groups and by forwarding them to people in your sphere of influence. All of the documents below are designed to help all people in Iowa stay up-to-date on what's happening in Methodism. 

For Global Methodist Church specific resources - Click Here

Updated Articles and News

WEB ARTICLE - Sept 2023 - What's Next for the WCA? - "Much of our mission for now is to be a prayer and support network."

WEB ARTICLE - June 2023 - What Every Iowa United Methodist Needs to Know - Iowa United Methodists who care about their congregation’s future owe it to their local church to make sure, this month, that their fellow congregants, especially the members of their congregation’s church council, are aware of this fast-approaching deadline and the realities of this split.

PRESS RELEASE - May 2023 - Bishop Stops All Disaffiliation Presentations - The Bishop of the Iowa Annual Conference announced that presentations about Disaffiliation can only be done by Conference Staff. 

Specific Disaffiliation Resources

Disaffiliation Presentation (2022) - Updated PowerPoint to walk people through the history of the conflict in the UMC and hopes and plans for the future. 

Disaffiliation Agreement - Revised agreement template pursuant to ¶2553 between local church and Iowa Annual Conference

Comparison of Wesleyan Denominations - Highlights in the differences between the UMC, GMC, Free Methodist, Wesleyan, Church of the Nazarene, and Congregational Methodist churches.

Letter Template - How to communicate with the Conference Board of Trustees chair and your District Superintendent

Local Church Resources

Timeline of Important Events - Highlights of how we got where we are today

The Presenting Issue - History of the human sexuality debate

UMC Terms & Definitions - Help your whole church understand the important words for conversation

New Video Series - "The Division & Future of the United Methodist Church"

We are excited to share videos that are discussing in depth the Division and Future of the United Methodist Church. These videos, originally recorded for the local Altoona UMC, have been shared with you now to hopefully help describe our situation, offer thoughts on ways forward, and help us all spread information to others who don't know what's going on. 

Know & Be Known - Activity to help congregations build community

General Conference Resources

General Conference Update - Updates for Pastors & Churches - March 2022

Helpful Links

Disaffiliation Information Links

Wesleyan Investment Foundation - Information for churches needing Low Interest Loans

Iowa WCA Disaffiliation Resources

Helpful Online Websites

Wesleyan Covenant Association - Articles, Videos, and More from the Global WCA

Global Methodist Church - Explore the Mission, Strategies, and Identity of a possible new form of Methodism

UM News Service - United Methodist Church news 

Seedbed - Online bookstore & Other Resources 

People Need Jesus - Regularly Updated Blog from WCA leader Chris Ritter (pastor in Geneseo, IL)

Good News Magazine - Magazine & Online Resources from classical evangelical perspective

Firebrand Magazine - Online magazine focusing on scripture & the Wesleyan tradition

Transforming Congregations - Renewal ministry for the United Methodist Church

Confessing Movement - Renewal ministry for the United Methodist Church

UM Action - Renewal ministry for the United Methodist Church


Holy Conversations - A Wesleyan Covenant Association Podcast

Plain Truth - A Holy- Spirited Podcast

Book Suggestions

"A Firm Foundation" , by the Wesleyan Covenant Association

"Are We Really Better Together?" , by Rob Renfroe & Walter Fenton

"The Rise of Theological Liberalism & the Decline of American Methodism" , by James Heidinger

"The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert" , by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield


New Day Conference Speakers - Upper Midwest Gathering exploring the Global Methodist Church

WCA Beginnings - Opening video from the 2016 conference of the Wesleyan Covenant Association

"Choose this day whom you shall Serve" - Dr. Billy Abraham, Evangelical Fellowship of Virginia 2020