Iowa Wesleyan Covenant Association

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As we head towards the likely separation of the United Methodist Church, the Iowa regional chapter of the WCA is committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest information, and providing you with resources to enable you and your church to make an informed and faithful decision about the future!

Iowa Wesleyan Covenant Retreat

The snowstorm that dumped 14” on Central Iowa and significant amounts across the state not only sold lots of snowblowers – it also POSTPONED our Iowa WCA work retreat. However, because we are all Iowans, a snow date was preplanned with our host. So – you are invited to RE-REGISTER or register for the first time to attend our work retreat.

82 of you had planned to come and while we will miss a few of you because of the change of date (sorry) the hope is that others have heard the news and can come now. So, the link below is a repeat of our original invitation with new times and dates for you to put on your calendar and REGISTER for the event.